News 3/29/2018

HR Technologist: Times are Changing – and HR Teams Need to Keep Up

If there’s one thing HR executives are familiar with, it’s change. Whether it’s new regulations, new benefit products or solutions, or a multi-generational workforce demanding the ability to customize and personalize their compensation, benefits and work environments need to change to meet evolving needs and priorities

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News 3/20/2018

HR Dive: HDHPs Have Fallen Way Short of ‘Silver Bullet’ Status

Employees want and need to understand their benefits plans, regardless of what those plans are. Plan details should be communicated both during the roll out period and regularly thereafter, not just during open enrollment. Employers who haven't devoted time to explaining HDHPs to employees must share some of the responsibility for the plans' underutilization. HDHPs generally require more support and education in the workplace for employees to understand their options.

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