The ever-changing health care market continues to cause confusion and stress for your clients and their employees. When employees struggle to understand their health care, they tend to make poor and costly decisions.

Our health care advocates help employees navigate the health care system and become better, more informed consumers. We assist members with questions about their health care coverage  as well as flexible spending accounts (FSAs), health reimbursement accounts (HRAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs).

We make sure your insurance is working the way it’s meant to and that your employees are engaged. Access to knowledgeable and experienced advocates who can help employees shop for their health care, answer benefit questions, locate in-network providers, and resolve claims issues helps employees make better decisions about their care and enables employers to reduce administrative and health care costs.

Employees can’t be true health care consumers if they don’t know how to “shop” for health care. Our advocates provide employees with up to three options for a medical test or procedure, along with quality and cost data, enabling them to make informed decisions about where to find cost-effective care. Armed with this critical information employees, on average, save $400 out-of-pocket per request and employers save more than $1,400 per request.

Working with DirectPath advocates:

  • Drives significant claims savings
  • Creates better health care consumers
  • Reduces administrative burdens
  • Improves employee satisfaction with company benefits

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Case Study

Manufacturing Company Partners with DirectPath to Implement Rewards Program to Lower Health Care Costs.

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  • Rewards Incentive Program
  • Rewards Incentive Program

Educating consumers about health care benefits isn’t always enough to drive change. To improve consumer behavior and decrease health care costs, companies are turning to incentive rewards programs. When employers design programs to support health care decisions based on cost and quality, everyone saves money.

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