Compliance is a constant challenge. Updating, managing and distributing your compliance materials like Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs), Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs), Summary of Modification Materials (SMMs) and required notices can be cumbersome and, when outsourced to big consulting firms, costly.

We automate the entire SPD and SBC process for some of the largest employers in the US. We keep them in compliance and even save them money. In fact, the ongoing cost normally drops by over 50 percent. How do we do that? It’s simple. We start with your SPDs and standardize similar language. Next we load them as templates into our patented technology, linking each SPD to the appropriate templates. Then, when an update is required, an edit to the template automatically updates every SPD where it appears.

Need new or revised content? Our benefit communications experts can draw on their decades of experience writing clearly and accurately about benefits and regulations to create user-friendly, readable and compliant language for your clients’ documents.

With DirectPath, you will:

  • Be compliance ready
  • Streamline maintenance
  • Decrease your ongoing costs
  • Leverage automation and content for other compliance communications

Why do so many Fortune 1000 employers turn to DirectPath? They want to increase efficiency and to reduce cost and errors. By eliminating manual updates, employers are able to speed up the review and production process and ensure consistency across their documents.

Your clients will always be in compliance. Your costs will dramatically drop. Your clients’ employees will understand their current benefits and make good decisions. It’s a winning strategy.

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