DirectPath helps brokers increase ROI on their clients' benefits investments by helping employees make smarter health care decisions that are aligned with corporate objectives.

Through confidential, one-on-one conversations with employees, DirectPath’s Benefits Educators help employees maneuver the complexities of health care, wellness programs, and many other benefit concepts during the open enrollment process. Our individualized approach ensures that employees are more informed, HR departments are supported, and corporate objectives are met.

Using our individualized approach, DirectPath has provided as much as a 700% year-over-year increase in plan adoption aligned to corporate objectives.

Actively engage employees in benefit programs and other important corporate initiatives by leveraging a proven service that includes:

  • Individual benefit onboarding with non-commissioned DirectPath Benefits Educators, including bilingual educators
  • Telephonic education and enrollment support via the DirectPath Benefits Service Center
  • Customized benefits messaging and scripts to ensure consistency and effectiveness
  • Customized communication campaigns, featuring dynamic content and compelling design, to capture and hold employees’ interest
  • User-friendly online tool for employees to schedule appointments
  • Benefits education and enrollment during new hire onboarding and mergers and acquisitions
  • Real-time dashboards and reports to track the progress of key initiatives

Key Benefits to Working with DirectPath:

  • Optimizes benefits administration
  • Reduces employer cost
  • Increases employee participation
  • Provides decision support at time of enrollment
  • Simplifies enrollment with proactive session scheduling
  • Enhances awareness, knowledge and appreciation
  • Drives a consistent message and understanding of corporate initiatives


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Shine a Light on Year-round Strategies to Manage Benefits Costs

Engaging employees in their benefits-–and ensuring they choose and use their plans effectively – depends on year-round communications and a truly personalized experience. And DirectPath is here to help. We’ve provided tips, tricks and content to address some of the largest challenges your clients face and to shine a light on how YOU can brighten their year.

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We know what it’s like to get lost in the noise.

Our benefit experts guide employees through the complexities so they’re not alone. See how we’re not only saving members (and you) money but giving them peace of mind.