The ever-changing health care market continues to cause confusion and stress for employees. When employees struggle to understand their health care, they tend to make poor and costly decisions.

DirectPath’s Comprehensive Benefits Advocacy service guides employees to make informed health care decisions.

Your employees’ one-stop for benefits education and year-round assistance for all the plans you offer. Our benefits experts support employees throughout the year to seek second opinions, shop for the lowest cost procedures, and resolve billing issues. The icing on the cake is rewarding employees when they make financially wise decisions surrounding the use of their benefits.

We make sure your employees are making the most of their coverage and you’re getting the best return on your investment. Access to knowledgeable and experienced advocates who can help employees shop for their health care, answer benefit questions, locate in-network providers and resolve claims issues helps employees make better decisions about their care and enables employers to reduce administrative and health care costs.

Working with DirectPath:

  • Drives significant claims savings
  • Creates better health care consumers
  • Reduces administrative burdens
  • Improves employee satisfaction with company benefits

Our services are helping employees become better health care consumers by leveraging a proven service that includes:

  • Access to advocates
  • Resolve billing and claim issues
  • Assist with referrals and prior authorization
  • Finding providers for second opinions and schedule appointments
  • Access to registered nurses for diagnosis, procedures and medication options
  • Personalized procedural cost and quality reports
  • Rewards for selecting low cost care
Rewards Incentives

Educating employees about health care benefits isn’t always enough to drive change. To improve consumer behavior and decrease health care costs, companies are turning to incentive rewards programs.

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