Educating consumers about health care benefits isn’t always enough to drive change.

To improve consumer behavior and decrease health care costs, companies are turning to incentive rewards programs. When employers promote the importance of value-based decision making, overall costs are reduced and employees become motivated to take control of their health.

DirectPath’s Rewards Incentive Program combines personalized research on the cost and quality of providers with cash rewards for making more cost-effective health care decisions about elective tests and procedures Employees who choose a lower cost option receive 20% of the savings, up to $500 or $1,000 (as the employer elects) in their paycheck.

Key Benefits to Working with DirectPath:

  • Reduces health care claims costs
  • Improves participant understanding of health care costs and encourages “consumer” behavior
  • Enables employees to focus on their work, not research procedure costs

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Education Isn’t Always Enough to Drive Behavior Change
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