In this increasingly complex world of employee benefits—with health care literacy at an all-time low and changes to both regulations and plan offerings the norm rather than the exception, benefits communication must be a year-round effort, not just something that happens at open enrollment.

The average individual sees 5,000 ads a day. Add to that the news stories, emails, Twitter postings, IMs and other messaging, and it’s no wonder benefits communications get lost or drowned out. Chances are the first few times you tell your employees something about their benefits, it won’t completely register with them. So how can you ensure your message is getting heard?

Getting employees to take action—to enroll in their benefits, to look at their current elections, to take their personal situation into account, to read about and understand how a new regulation will affect them—requires communications that don’t just inform, but change a perception or a behavior. That means taking a marketing approach to communicating benefits.

Starting with a strategy—a plan to succeed—will go a long way towards ensuring that you meet your goals for your benefits program.

Key Benefits to Working with DirectPath:

  • A communications team with a combined 105 years of experience creating compliant employee benefits materials.
  • A detailed strategy that outlines key audiences and stakeholders, broad and targeted messaging by audience, barriers, media, roles & responsibilities, schedules and metrics
  • Assistance with implementing your strategy

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