Each year plan sponsors face a growing list of disclosure requirements for welfare plans.

Some notices are tied to health care reform (such as grandfathered status or the notice of coverage options). Other notices are tied to Title 1 of ERISA. And then there’s Medicare Part D, CHIPRA, WHCRA…and more. Whether a plan is insured or self-insured, it’s the responsibility of the plan sponsor to comply with these disclosure requirements and determine who is providing what notice. For many employers, a stand-alone booklet serves this purpose.

Many employers grapple with:

  • What notices are required.
  • When they must be distributed.
  • The most efficient way to distribute these notices.

Key Benefits to Working with DirectPath:

  • A compliance communications team with a combined 105 years experience of communicating clearly and accurately about employee benefits, along with deep knowledge of plan provisions and current regulatory requirements.
  • Compliance experts who track updates to existing notices, and can proactively alert clients to newly required communications.
  • Visually appealing, stand-alone booklets consolidating these legally required notices.

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