My advocate went above and beyond to help me with my issue. She stayed on the line with me and our providers for almost 3 hours, and would not give up until we had the issue resolved. Great job!

Richard B. - Member

I am having a baby in May and I am trying to decide which plan to enroll in. My advocate took the time to explain the costs of both plans in detail and answer any questions I had. He was very well informed out our plan and given my circumstance how it would effect me directly.

Taylor B. - Member

Using DirectPath was like hitting the easy button. My advocate was friendly. I was stressed before I called DirectPath and I didn't want to deal with my insurance company. All I had to do was pick up the phone and dial. DirectPath took care of everything else.

Martha W. - Member

Our advocate went above and beyond to assist us with our needs. This was the second time that we needed help with an insurance question. Each time he was very attentive, and extremely helpful. We truly appreciate his dedication!

Daniel B. - Member

My advocate helped me with my issue. She couldn't have been more pleasant or helpful. From a retail manager at a big box store, this woman is Aces!!!

David R. - Member

My advocate was very helpful sending a listing of ophthalmologist in my network. I was able schedule a same day appointment. Love the DirectPath service.

Leslie C. - Member

My advocate was extremely helpful! I needed a second opinion and wasn't sure where to start. She was able to give a list of doctors for me to choose from that fit all of my criteria, had good reviews, good licensing standing and were in my insurance network. It was a huge relief knowing that the doctors on her list had been thoroughly vetted by someone with a medical background and who had done a good amount of research. I had much more piece of mind getting a second opinion from someone on that list versus simply picking someone who was in network with no knowledge of whether or not they fit my situation. She even offered to make appointments on my behalf and followed up a few days afterwards to make sure I was doing well. Thank you!

Amanda G. - Member

My advocate was an amazing help! She was so kind and friendly and genuinely wanted to help me find the best options! Incredibly happy that I made that call!

Celeste J. - Member

DirectPath has been a great resource for me as I move through the insurance labyrinth of claims and deductibles and the list of doctors in and out of the network.

R. - Member

My advocate pulled up the information I needed right away and walked me through what I needed to do. Very professional and thorough.

Robert L. - Member

The advocate I spoke with was very helpful. She walked me through my benefit options and gave me some real life situations to consider. The information she provided helped me to make an informed decision.

Julie D. - Member

He was very helpful and very extremely knowledgeable.

David P. - Member

He is 100% for customer service. He is diligent, industrious, and goes the extra mile to solve the problem(s).

Patricia S. - Member

I had the opportunity to add new benefits, and it was well explained to me.


Great experience and very helpful, I wouldn't have known how to cut through the red tape without your assistance.

Brian W. - Member

My benefits educator was very polite, knowledgeable, and helpful.


Easy and simple process explained in detail by a very pleasant competent person.


The person who did my enrollment was super she was very helpful and went above and beyond to help me.


Thank you for your help tonight! I was very grateful to be able to help our team member find some answers. I stay late for them, I'm glad you do too!

Kady G. - Member

My advocate was able to answer my questions clearly and in detail.

Leslie W. - Member

All of my questions were answered clearly and my advocate seemed happy to help.

Megan A. - Member

I received the best customer service ever from my advocate. It was absolutely amazing and very helpful. Thank you for your assistance.

Sandra P. - Member

I tried my carrier and was on hold for 25 minutes prior to hanging up. I called DirectPath and had my answer within five. My advocate was very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.

Harold P. - Member