Blog 12/22/2019

7 Tips for a Healthy Christmas

Christmas is a notorious time to indulge as we celebrate the holiday with family and friends. It can also be very stressful between buying gifts for everyone and preparing for parties. However, if you celebrate Christmas, it is possible to enjoy the holiday without too much of an impact on your physical and mental health.

If you’re looking to stay healthy during the holiday season, consider these seven tips:

  • Don’t sit down all day. Try to go for a walk outside. If you receive any outdoor gifts, like bikes, footballs, or frisbees, go outside and enjoy them (if the weather allows for it!). The less time on your butt, the better it’ll be for your health.
  • Load your dishes with fruits and vegetables. While Christmas treats are great, don’t forget about your vitamins and minerals.
  • Don’t stress. Christmas is a hectic time with a lot of “to-do” items but try to keep a sense of humor and proportion. Is it really the end of the world if dinner is ready 15-30 minutes later than planned or if one gift, you’re giving to someone doesn’t arrive before Christmas? Probably not.
  • Go easy on the alcohol. It can be easy to overconsume it with all the holiday parties, family gatherings, and other holiday events. Try to keep tabs on how much you are drinking, and interspace alcoholic drinks with soft ones.
  • Make sure you consume lean protein. Eating healthier does not mean having to cut out meat. Lean meat such as roast turkey, chicken, or pork loin are great sources of protein to keep your muscles strong.
  • Avoid stocking your pantry with too much junk food (potato chips, candy, cookies, etc.). We usually stock a lot of these with the intention of serving them to guests, but all too often end up eating them ourselves and exceeding our calorie intake. Try to substitute some of the sweets out for healthy holiday snacks, like dried fruits and nuts.
  • Instead of sitting down and eating mindlessly for hours, take a small amount of food and eat it slowly, incorporating a bit of dinner conversation in the mix. This will help you avoid eating too much and too fast!


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2020 Consumer Report: The Health Care Literacy Gap Why Personalized Benefits Education is the Key to Cost Saving
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