News 6/4/2018

EBN: Top 20 HR Technology Innovators

Michael Calhoun, Director of Benefit Plan Governance, AT&T

His innovation: Calhoun overhauled AT&T’s summary plan descriptions by partnering with benefits communications firm DirectPath. AT&T moved its SPD into an interactive document format, which made benefits information accessible on any device. Using this format, the information can be continually updated in real time, allowing HR to send benefits information and tips to employees. AT&T’s interactive SPD collects a wealth of data that can be used to create or modify communications. For example, analytics show which sections and terms employees most frequently view, search and click on. With this information, HR may decide to increase communications around a certain element of employee benefits, such as how near-retirees should prepare for healthcare expenses, or how to file a claim. The IDS analytics also give AT&T’s governance team and easy way to report SPD usage and validate the cost of their creation to management.

Why it matters: Previously, AT&T’s HR team would spend hours updating SPDs to maintain compliance. Despite the time and resources invested, traditional SPDs did little to provide employees with useful, actionable information about their healthcare benefits. The electronic SPD has not only boosted engagement, AT&T says, but saved the telecommunications giant more than $1 million in print fulfillment costs.

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(Kathryn Mayer is Editor-in-Chief of Employee Benefit News.)

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