News 11/29/2017

HR Technologist: DirectPath’s Health Care Cost Estimator to Reduce Employee Spends

DirectPath – a recognized employee engagement and healthcare compliance solutions provider – has announced the DirectPath Health Care Cost Estimator. The application will help client firms ascertain medical treatments costs. As a result, employees will be able to evaluate in-network and out-of-network procedural charges for specific geographies.

The app aims at enabling control and transparency while optimizing cost-planning and tracking. Designed to address a highly complex healthcare landscape, the app could offer employees the opportunity to smarter, well-planned, and effective alternatives.

In fact, this is symptomatic of a larger problem. Often, employees don’t realize the wide variations in pricing as they move from one service provider to another, and are chained to their physicians’ recommendations. Even those who are aware of the importance of scouting for other avenues are resource-strapped or cannot access accurate, real-time, and comprehensive data. And so, most cases end in extended expenditure without a focus on sharper routes.

DirectPath intends to address the above situation with their app; employees can have greater authority over their healthcare choices, at manageable costs. Here are some of the principal features of the tool:

  • Cost estimate generation based on procedure codes, keywords or common bundles
  • Information dissemination in an easy-to-understand manner with comparison charts, cost estimations for in-network and out-of-network cases
  • Personalized help, via DirectPath Advocates who offer best options, guidance and support. Once the employee has selected the procedure, advocates can also manage scheduling and medical record transfers

Bridget Lipezker, Senior VP and GM, Advocacy and Transparency, DirectPath believes that this service is vital and imminently important. She discusses how employees consistently endeavor to maximize their healthcare spends, even as employers seek cost-effective quality packages. What’s is required, she feels, is a platform that could combine both: “Our cost estimator tool, complemented by our robust and highly personal transparency and advocacy solutions, gives employees what they need to make informed decisions and limit spending for themselves and their employers”.

The app is available to all employees at DirectPath’s client firms and is accessible via the client’s landing page.

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2018 Medical Plan Trends and Observations Report
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