Blog 2/14/2018

Weekly Clinical Service Dose: 5 Last-Minute Ideas for a Healthier Valentine’s Day


Health and fitness is a growing trend. Take a break from the typical this Valentine’s day and try one of these fun ideas instead of an old standard.

Go ice skating

Since it’s super cold in most parts of the country, why not take advantage of the frigid temps and use one of nature’s best wintery gifts: ice! Ice skating is a great low-impact workout.

Take a hike

Getting some fresh air with a nice daytime hike is a great way to spend some quality time with your partner while getting in a good workout. Plus, walking regularly can help lower blood pressure, manage weight, improve mood, and reduce risk for type-2 diabetes. Studies have also linked being outdoors and in nature to boost energy.

Just dance

Twirling around the dance floor with a hot date on your arm might just be the most classic night out, ever. And it’s a good way to get some aerobic exercise, too!

Go kayaking

If you’re lucky enough to live in a climate with a more temperate February, kayaking is a great adventure sport — and low-impact workout — to try out with a date. Hop in a tandem boat to share the paddling load.

Take a swing at golf or tennis.

Whether you and your partner are already pros or it’s totally new to one or both of you, taking a golf or tennis lesson is a great way to sweat a little and learn something new together. Playing tennis, specifically, is associated with many health benefits, including improved aerobic fitness, reduced risk for developing cardiovascular disease, and better bone health.


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