Blog 1/11/2018

Weekly Clinical Service Dose: Great Ways to Encourage Better Employee Health

Employees are the best asset of every organization, and putting effort into employee wellness can encourage better teamwork, increased productivity and reduce sick leave.

Focus on general prevention

  1. Have a doctor visit your workplace and speak to your employees about common health issues
  2. Consider offering a rebate for, or arranging onsite, flu vaccinations
  3. Look at offering rebates or incentives on health insurance

Encourage healthier eating

  1. Provide a fridge for employees to bring in healthy lunches from home
  2. Provide a fruit bowl for free fruit
  3. When arranging catering, identify healthy options on all menus, and restrict unhealthy options
  4. Ensure any on-site vending machines contain water and low energy drinks and snacks

Encourage more exercise

Encouraging employees to exercise is a great way to encourage better employee health. It needn’t be expensive either, with plenty of low cost methods, including;

  1. Encourage walking meetings (around the block, anyone?)
  2. Create and fund an employee sports team
  3. Enter employees in fun runs and charity events
  4. If you have an elevator, encourage the team to take the stairs
  5. Have a yoga instructor or fitness coach come in and run sessions in the workplace

As we all know, exercising more, eating properly, drinking more water, managing stress levels and having the support of your workplace makes a huge difference in how you perform at work.


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