About Us

  • When was DirectPath founded?

    In 2003, Bart Yancey and Bayless Ydel formed Enrollment Advisors. Building off their years of experience in employee engagement and wanting to enhance the company’s benefits domain expertise and technology offering, Enrollment Advisors acquired HighRoads’ employer division in the fall of 2015 and the company became DirectPath in May 2016.

    DirectPath acquired Milwaukee-based PatientCare in January 2017.

  • Where is DirectPath’s corporate headquarters?

    DirectPath has offices all over the country including Atlanta, Birmingham, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Milwaukee, San Jose, Washington, D.C., and Ottawa, Canada. The corporate headquarters is located at 120 18th St. S, Birmingham, AL 35233.

  • Who are DirectPath clients?

    DirectPath works with Fortune 1000 organizations – small or large – who may have 1,500 employees or tens of thousands of employees spread across locations, whether it’s an office space, manufacturing plant, retail outlet or other physical presence. For them, health care is a very important decision, and a major line item in their budgets.

    DirectPath often partners with brokers to serve these customers.

  • What does DirectPath do?

    DirectPath helps employers reduce health care costs. We do this by making sure our clients’ insurance is working the way it’s meant to and that employees are engaged and making smart health care choices. By offering personalized benefits education & enrollment, health care transparency, and communication & compliance services, we help our clients reduce their health care spend and lower out-of-pocket costs for employees, which also improves employee satisfaction.

  • What makes you different from your competitors?

    DirectPath offers an effective, comprehensive solution to achieving your company’s employee benefits strategy. Unlike our competitors that offer self-service options, we offer employers and their employees personalized, “white glove” engagement, advocacy and transparency services. For employers, these services help achieve strategic and financial goals. For employees, these services enable greater understanding of their benefit plans as well as smart shopping for the lowest cost, highest quality medical procedures.

  • How does my company become a partner?

    We value and strive to develop relationships with a number of organizations. To learn more, please contact partners@directpathhealth.com.

  • How many does DirectPath employ?

    DirectPath has 170 employees and 400+ Benefit Educators. We are committed to being a diverse and inclusive workplace. We appreciate that a dynamic collection of skills, experience and backgrounds allows us to maximize employee recruiting and retention, along with our level of client service. DirectPath’s combined part-time and full-time staff is spread across thirty states and speaks the English, Spanish, French, Creole, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Ukranian, Russian and Portuguese languages.

  • How does my organization ask DirectPath to speak at our event?

    We have many requests for speakers at events. Please send your request to contact@directpathhealth.com.


  • What is Personalized Benefits Education & Enrollment?

    Employers increase ROI on their benefits investments by educating employees in making better health care choices that are aligned with corporate objectives during open enrollment. Through meaningful and individualized conversations, DirectPath Benefit Educators help employees maneuver the complexities of health care and other benefit concepts when enrolling in their benefits.

    The DirectPath combination of strategy, materials, and support help employees decide how to choose and use their benefits based on their current situation. This individualized approach to communication and benefits enrollment ensures that participants are more informed, HR departments are free to focus on strategic initiatives, and corporate objectives are met.

  • What does your role in open enrollment look like?

    Our Benefit Educators talk with the employee to understand their situation and educate him or her on options based on their needs. Throughout this process, we provide dashboards and reports to track the progress of key initiatives that your company might have for open enrollment, such as increasing participation in CDHPs, HSAs or other wellness programs.

  • How do you reduce our health benefits costs?

    When employees have a better understanding of their benefits options, they typically choose the most cost-effective plan, which not only saves the employee money, but reduces health insurance costs for the employer as well.

  • We already have a benefits administration system. Can we still use DirectPath’s strategic engagement services?

    Yes. DirectPath’s strategic employee engagement service is benefits administration system agnostic. Our benefits educators dramatically increase employee participation rates and reduce health care costs, independent of your benefits administration system.

  • What is health care advocacy?

    Whether it’s helping to find a doctor or assisting in scheduling an appointment, advocacy services help employees with the time-consuming tasks of navigating the health care system. Our services give employees the support and tools needed to break down and analyze each cost woven into medical bills. Advocates make sure there are no unnecessary or overpriced charges and, if necessary, help employees challenge incorrect medical bills to ensure they only pay for the care they received – and not a cent more. In addition to reviewing claims, resolving billing questions, and handling disputes with providers and insurers, Advocates can help identify providers and manage the logistics of care.

  • What is health care transparency?

    Transparency services provide very specific procedural cost and quality options by Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), geography, physician and facility so employees can make informed decisions about where they receive their health care services. In our case, we present reports with three health care options, and through our Rewards Incentive Program, employees can get a certain percentage (determined by employer) of the savings back in their paycheck for choosing a more cost-effective option.

  • How does transparency help reduce health care costs?

    Our Advocates become an extension of your team eliminating the call volume regarding benefits questions. Also, Advocates will help resolve claims and billing errors that your employees would typically spend company time doing themselves. Our detailed transparency reports for elective care procedures compare three different options available and allow for the employee to choose the most cost-effective one; on average, these reports save $1,400 for employers and $400 for employees per request.

  • How do DirectPath services compare to the services I use from my benefits consultant?

    Benefits consultants provide advice around benefits strategies and plan designs. DirectPath, through our strategic employee engagement, advocacy and transparency services, and health care compliance solutions, executes on your strategy, driving increased participation rates, ERISA and ACA compliance and cost savings.

  • Where can I get more information on solutions?

    See our solutions pages Employer Solutions and Broker Solutions.


  • How do I apply for a job at DirectPath?

    To search for career opportunities, visit our Careers section.